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We teach creative jewelers how to start, grow and scale their businesses online

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7 Day Jewelry Filmmaker

A simple, no-brainer solution for more sales.

Jewelers want the ability to use the high conversion powers of video for their store, without all the time and money it takes to hire a crew or buy expensive equipment.

24 hours from now, you will know exactly what to do to leverage proven marketing techniques that get more customers in the door, buying thousands of dollars of product - all for about the price of a phone case.

  • Module 1: Unleashing Your Phone's Camera
  • Module 2: The Right Tools
  • Modules 3, 4 and 5: Shooting Creative Phone Videos
  • Module 6: Editing Workflow
  • Module 7: Organic Release, Social Media and Client Acquisition
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Digital Jewelry Marketing Masterclass

Predictably Get Sales and Put Your Marketing on Auto-Pilot

Jewelry Video Pro is the only step-by-step guide where you're supported and taught to create an online jewelry strategy that puts you in the top 1% - from the ground up

You'll learn how to get new clients with captivating jewelry videos and photos for your brand, how to make and maintain a stand-out instagram page with very little effort, how to excel at organic AND paid marketing where it counts, and even how to build and optimize a proven jewelry e-commerce site.

If it's important and it works, you'll find it here.


  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Professional Video and Photo Training
  • Proven Facebook, Instagram, and Google Advertising Strategies
  • E-commerce Funnels, Strategic Posting Calendar
  • Ever Growing and Expanding Learning Material
  • The JVP Exclusive Community
  • Coaching and Q&A's

  • Test Footage, Templates and LUTs


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Content creation and distribution by a team that understands profit driven video-marketing from the ground up.

Whether you’re a small store who just started or a multi-million a month enterprise, you can use the most powerful digital marketing tool – video – to get from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Industry Leading Video Production
  • Website and Digital Design
  • Google, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram Advertising
  • One-on-One Consulting


Work With Us!

From Etsy to Tiffany

A wholistic approach to jewelry marketing that is both highly profitable AND highly brand conscious 


Everything goes more quickly with a mentor - that's why we're here to teach you exactly what to do. We spent years and many thousands of dollars to learn EVERYTHING about online and video marketing so we can bring you only what's essential. No more guessing - just true, proven techniques.


Your competitors will think you've hired a professional marketing team - but that can be your little secret.


Video marketing doesn't work like other kinds of advertising. It has the potential for exponential, viral growth. Combine that with the latest proven online marketing techniques and that means more customers, more quickly, and more time to do what you love.

Hey, we're Robbie and Alex


We'll be your instructors.


We've been running video marketing campaigns for 15 years combined, working on major shoots for the likes of Hasbro, Dunkin Donuts and producing both domestic and international work.

We've worked with jewelers of all sizes, run our own production companies, a marketing agency, have formal videography education.

Alex is the brains behind video production, and Robbie is your new chief marketing head.

Robbie grew up in the jewelry industry and is now the chief content officer for multiple multi-million dollar companies and a regular call-in for marketing agencies who want to scale fast.

To hear Alex's Story, simply click below!

We are the only commercially experienced video team that offers jewelry industry specific courses for the independent and corporate jeweler alike, so you can market as well as a high-end marketing agency - without paying the price!

For our personal sites or to hire us visit:


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How to Shoot High Quality Jewelry Videos With Nothing But Your Phone

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